Friday, October 8, 2010

Readers and Book-Buyers Beware

Recently, one of the blogs that I follow made a post about quitting her job at a large book store chain (referred to in the post as Shacks and Gentry). I find her post and expose not only interesting but infuriating. Having worked several minimum pay, part-time jobs myself, I know all too well corporate choices are not always the best - hell, even some of my better paying corporate jobs had foolish and absurd rules imposed on the work force. It seems that no retail or large corporation is immune to this.

However, there emerges horror stories like the one that Iron Liz posted (and this is not the first time she's posted one of these) that can not go tolerated. Since the Sardonic Girl is tied to a high volume group of solid media book readers (i.e. paper books), I'm hopping that this word spreads: Do not purchase from these large book chains!

Let the dinosaur die as an example to the rest that treating their work forces in such a way is not only unacceptable, but a ridiculous way to do business in general. This can easily be done by purchasing from local book stores, or ordering them online from other small chain book stores. There are plenty of acceptable alternatives available.