Saturday, April 25, 2015

Untitled Game - DevDiary #3 - A Different Kind of Writing

Writing presents many unique challenges.  Making sure that there's an internal logic, keeping and maintaining a voice, being certain that characters speak and act in a way that makes sense for that particular character, etc...  Most of the issues that can come up in writing appear in different formats of writing.  You will always need to check for inconsistencies, you will always need to be sure that your characters sound right, and you will always need to read lines out loud to hear what they actually sound like.  All formats, however, do contain unique challenges.  Writing a short story requires less verbose prose to get points across quickly, comic book writing requires detailed descriptions to convey information to the artist, audio drama scripting forces the writer to convey visual information by different methods than normal.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Let's MAD 9 - Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

With the discover of Cothinial, Sanjuro must choose between using the Kato cannon to destroy a Gaian entity that seems to be minding it's own business, whipping out thousands of innocent lives in the process; or joining a mad cult that worships the Gaian entity that doesn't seem to care much, likely whipping out thousands of innocent lives in the process. Which route will he take? Do we honestly care? Let's find out.

Let's MAD 9: Shogo Mobile Armor Division by Boundcompass