Monday, August 12, 2013

Random Aside

If I were smart - actually smart - I would have gotten into the bumper sticker game ages ago.  Figure $0.05 per unit to produce, marked up to $0.50 for retail, for a single profit per unit at $0.45.  A single lot consists of 500, for a profit of $225.00 per lot.  See where I'm going with this?  A conservative target sales quota for a single product (or SKU) would be 4,000 lots.  That's a total profit on a single SKU of $900,000.00.

Best part?  No politics.  Complete and abject mercenary production.  I could be simultaneously produce the equivalents of the COEXIST sticker as well as the Calvin urinating on the COEXIST sticker.  People ultimately wouldn't know or really even care.  How many of you honestly put research into the political morality of Big Bumper Sticker - show of hands?  You; in the back.  Put you're hand down.  We know you're doing it ironically.

Speaking of irony:

[Insert Eloquent Quote Here]
   --Fatuous Jack ass

That bumper sticker would easily get double the figures I came up with above due to the irony.  Being a member of nerd culture, I know we're vulnerable to anything nostalgic.  The TriForce (marked up for licensing fees) would net double as well.

Of course, no amount of money would cover the amount of alcohol and therapy bills I would need to cope with the fact that I'm making a living off of bumper philosophy - easily the lowest brow form of dialogue in existence.