Saturday, January 24, 2015

Untitled Game - DevDiary #1 - A Work in Progress

Back in November-ish, I decided to shelve Express Line Number Seven; a point and click style adventure game that would have released for the PC (and potentially other platforms).  I decided it best to ultimately shelve the project as the narrative, as I had envisioned it, did not fit a game format.  The project would be much better suited to a graphic novel.  Express Line Number Seven is still very much a possibility somewhere down the line, but I decided it best to continue on the video game vector because I want to challenge my self, much the way that I did with The Amazing Adventures of Captain Farr Novarider and the Wild Horses.  When I shelved Express Line Number Seven, I already had an idea of the story that I wanted to try.  Honestly, when I decided that I wanted to try developing a game, it was between Express Line Number Seven and the story that I’m currently working on.
You'll probably notice that it seems I'm playing coy with new project's title.  This is part of the reason that I had originally picked Express Line versus this story.  I had very little laid out in terms of what the narrative is going to be, the major themes that I would be playing with, the over-all world design, and even the title was nonexistent.  The most I had were a few early character concepts, and few ideas for game mechanics, and maybe a couple of themes.  Maybe.

I'm happy to say that after the last few months the world, themes, character concepts and motivations, and game play are all starting to coalesce into something a bit more tangible.  Mostly.  Some major steps still need to be taken, including finally getting an idea of what I want the story to look like and writing said story, what the ultimate conflicts for the characters are, major antagonists if any, and, yes, even the title of the game still needs to be figured.  Fortunately, my schedule has progressed enough to where I can finally begin working on these very important items at full speed.  What do I have so far?

The year is 1915, and World War I is in full swing.  Factories across the United Kingdom are producing vast quantities of munitions and supplies to ship to British Forces on the front lines.  Archwood Ashland (better known as Archie) has found dutiful employment at one such factory pumping out ammunition.  Archie’s talents with machines has lead to him being able to push the factory well above it’s expected capacity.

Things are not going well on the front lines, however, and the British Government is desperately looking for young bodies to pour into the trenches.  Due to Archie’s talent for machines, he’s managed to stay safe at the factory to ensure that it continues to operate and send ammunition to the front line.  With the increase in mechanized warfare, Archie’s talents are becoming more desirable on the front line rather than behind, and recruiters are becoming more pushy and demanding.

It wasn’t long before drafting papers were taken, meaning Archie was under government order to report to a recruiters.  The air sirens blare, however, signaling a Zeppelin Raid.  Archie attempts to find safety with the others, but bombs begin to strike the shelter and factory, forcing him to find safety elsewhere.  As he runs, a rip occurs a head of him.  He falls through just as a bomb hits.

He finds himself in a green meadow of an unknown land.  Debris from the chaos around him remains.  He’s greeted by a young woman who speaks a language that he’s not familiar with.  After a bit of work trying to communicate, he finds that her name is Auryon.  Alone and far from anywhere resembling home, Archie must find his way in a world scarred by a long forgotten war.

The game follows Archie and Auryon as they travel throughout the environments of the world, in a Metroidvania-style adventure game.  Can Archie find a way home?  Does he want to return?  What mysteries are hidden in the wounds of the war?  That will all be determined when I figure the rest out.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Let's MAD 6 - Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

In the sixth installment the game gives up and decides to take a big steaming plot and character dump in our shoe.  Who are these people?  What does their introduction mean?  The game doesn't know nor does it care.  Let's MAD: Shogo - Mobile Armor Division.

Let's Mad 6: Shogo Mobile Armor Division by Boundcompass