Saturday, February 27, 2016

Echoes of the Old War - DevDiary #6 - Helping the Clave

What follows is a meditative that I wrote in an attempt to hammer ashort section in the fourth act of Echoes of the Old War.  This certainly contains spoilers, so consider yourself warned.  During this act, Auryon will need to help an antagonistic village in order to get in good (enough) with their Elders.  I wanted to spend a little time figuring out these short little puzzles that would, ideally, help do a little bit of world building by illustrating how Auryon's enemies live (in contrast to her own tribe).

Keep in mind that this is all stream-of-consciousness stuff.  Absolutely nothing of what follows is edited in any way aside from what I may have done on the fly.  There will be spelling and grammar mistakes, some of these sentences are guaranteed to make absolutely no sense, and many of these paragraphs will jump around.  This isn't to mention the fact that I've already completed writing this section within the story, and I'm fairly certain a few of these ideas have been changed already; add a few extra drafts into that and some of this stuff may change dramatically in the final product.

So... uh.  You've been warned.