Friday, April 18, 2014

I Have Been Silent - No More

Pretty much everyone who knows me also knows that I am a nerd.  A gigantic nerd.  I love videogames; I love roleplaying; I love comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc... I love quoting movies like Dune, Bladrunner, Highlander, and Gattaca at people - even if they don't get it (because the important ones will).

But there are days when I sit on my nerd throne with my crown wearing heavy on my brow.  There are days where I wonder what I can do.  There have been many articles that have illustrated the issue of harassment, threats of abuse or violence, stalking, or general misogyny towards women on the internet for the mere offense of having an opinion.  And it is and issue.  And despite all of them, I have been silent.  With Dr. NerdLove's most recent article on the matter, no more.  By being silent, I have been wrong.  I have been part of the problem.  This time of silence has ended.  It's time I stop standing by, and I hope that you join me.

There is no one who will be first to acknowledge that I have a very small community.  I reach very few people, and I'm not certain if I really even have repeat visitors.  Despite that, I will still reach out.  I will still push back.  I will still leverage my voice.  If you know someone or - and the Vengeful Christ help me if I found out - you are some who has participated in these types of harassment or threats, whether directly or by deflection, let it be known that this is not acceptable.  I'm not looking for blood, I'm not looking for hurt feelings.  I'm looking for tolerance and civil dialogue.

I really dislike our culture of "Like if you agree" or "Share if you agree."  I don't want subscribers and I don't need to be validated by approval in my comment section.  I know that I am right.  If you agree, then take action.  Speak in your own words.  If you hear of, know of, or see someone doing this, tell them it is not acceptable, and that if they wish to continue in the conversation with the adults they may do so in an informed, intellectual manner.   If not, give them a juice box and sit them in the corner with the rest of the children.

As Dr. NerdLove so eloquently puts it: Silence Is Approval.