Monday, October 17, 2011

The Guiltiest of the Guilty

I am a snob. I don’t drink beer; I enjoy finely crafted microbrews. I don’t listen to music; rather to albums by musical artists. I don't watch movies; I watch films such as The Third Man, Grave of the Fireflies, and Brick. I am a snob. I do not use this term lightly.
I’ve reveled in this idea for some time now; such to the point that it is an unalterable facet of my personality. However, with snobbery come many dark secrets. Little tidbits that I would rather not get out to the public, for fear that my highbrow reputation be forever tainted. Certain, singers or movies that catch my fancy – probably more than they should have any right to. I keep these morsels quieted away, safe and sound, in the back of my mind. Only to let them free and wild when that nettling little desire tugs at the back of my mind.
They are a joy that we all suffer from, even a staunch self-proclaimed snob such as myself - these guilty pleasures. They go against every fiber of our self, they are contrary to who we are, and, more often than not, we blush a little at their mere mention. But when we take a moment to enjoy them - to really eat them up, and savor the embarrassment - we feel a sense of being whole. This tiny antagonistic idea that's so completely opposite you, while you may never admit it in civil company, helps define who you are.
I say, have fun. Take the time to luxuriate in these odd pleasures. You certainly don't have to tell anyone now or ever. But do, take the time. Take the time to pop open a Corona Extra. Take the time to sing and dance along to "Weird Al" Yankovic's White and Nerdy. And take the time to giggle as Sean Connery is a Scotsman pretending to be an Egyptian, pretending to be a Spaniard in The Highlander. Have fun with these guilty pleasures. Because as odd and unbecoming as they seem, they are you.